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Pine Needle Free
Last year we were skiing at this time. We did 25 runs in just four hours at Bear Valley. There were many feet of snow at the Bradley Lodge and we enjoyed hanging out with friends. This weekend, we still hung out with friends, but instead of skiing or using the snow blower, we raked pine needles. Although this will save time come spring when we have to clear our lot for fire safety, it was a little odd being able to see the ground and rake in January. We didn't see dirt in 2011 until May. Beyond raking my mom and grandma organized the kitchen cupboards and painted the some of the trim on the Bradley Lodge green, it looks great. Now we're thinking about adding some stone to the front of the Lodge to add some extra beauty.

Lots of Branches Fell During Wind Storms
Pine Needles Under Tarp to Keep the a Little Dryer
We Also Organized the Cupboards, Renters Find Interesting Places to Put Stuff


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