Biking Around Roseville

Photo Credit: Randy Pench | Sacramento Bee
My roommate and I decided to take a little adventure when we picked up his car this morning. He got on his skateboard and I took my bike on a 7 mile trek to his office. Since we didn't get run over by any cars on the way, I continued on my bike ride and chose to go on a few roads that I had never been on. I crossed over Highway 65 from Rocklin and rode out to Thunder Valley Casino and turned left where I found the Placer County Landfill. Although I didn't go in, I've always wondered where it was and love the fact that Roseville has the "One Big Bin" program. That basically means that all of my trash and recyclables go into a single bin, then they sort it once it gets to the landfill (video below). The 19 mile bike ride was a great workout and a good way to see new the "sights."


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