Circus Vargas and the Napa Life

After reading Water for Elephants last year I was inspired to see a circus one day soon, when Circus Vargas came to town I had my opportunity. Although they don't have animals, the acrobatics and other acts were all spectacular and brought smiles to everyone in the audience.

After the circus and my dinner at Little Ceasers it was time to get ready for a quick weekend trip to Napa to help with a filming of a reality show at The Meritage Resort and Spa. Between takes I had some time to spend with my parents and grandma who came to share my hotel room, eat and even hang out by the newly enhanced pool.


Sara Bell said…
I read (and liked) Water for Elephants, and saw the movie. I took my husband's grandmother to the movie with me and even though her memory is almost non-existent in many areas these days, afterwards she recalled that her father did some work for a circus when she was little so she got to be a part of it.
It made me want to see a circus and I somehow forgot about it. Thank you for reminding me that I really need to go check one out!

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