Every 15 Seconds ...

In high school a program called "Every 15 Minutes" came to my school. It showed in a real way that "every 15 minutes, someone dies of an alcohol related collision." Tonight, I was again reminded of an even greater tragedy affecting our world, HIV/AIDS. As you may remember, I wrote about "World Vision Experience: AIDS - Step into Africa" exhibit a few months ago, this time I actually got to go and experience it for myself. I followed the young life of Babiyre, a young girl who watched her father die of AIDS, watched her mother battle the illness and then was diagnosed with HIV. To read more about Babiyre and the tour read this story from the Modesto Bee. To read about the current exhibit in Folsom read this Sacramento Bee story.

We may not be able to change the world all at once, but each of us can change the world one life at a time. If you have the resources, sponsor a HopeChild through World Vision or another relief organization. We are so fortunate in America, we have schools, health care and just about everything else, while many children are orphaned due to war, HIV/AIDS and countless other diseases.

The Numbers (according to World Vision):
40 million people worldwide are currently infected with HIV; another 14,000 become infected every day

25 million people have died of AIDS since the epidemic started; one in four of them were children

15 million children have been orphaned due to the HIV/AIDS crisis; by 2010 this number is expected to exceed 25 million

Take the AIDS Test, how much do you really know?

My cousin just sent this to me, it really shows that not only can an individual make a difference, but a company can too. Pacific Medical employees spent one lunch break making
"AIDS Caregiver Kits" for Africa a few days ago.


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