From the Coast to the Lodge

I made an unexpected trip back to San Francisco on Wednesday night to staff a booth for the California Partnership for Access to Treatment at the 8th Annual National Conference on Immunization and Health Coalitions. I stayed in one of the nicest (and cheapest) San Francisco hotels I've ever been to, it was quiet, had a flat screen TV and it wasn't claustrophobic. On my way back to Sacramento Thursday night I was able to go to International Association of Business Communicators' "Crystal Awards" at the Grand Ballroom in Sacramento, where my firm, Perry Communications Group, again took home many awards for all of our hard work throughout the year.

Memorial Day weekend started early for me, I was able to work from home and then go to the Bradley Lodge Friday afternoon. Our plan was to continue clearing dead wood and pine needles from our property, but the weather had different plans, it rained for most of the weekend. We were able to get a few loads taken away, so that was good. On a fun note, we went to a neighborhood gathering for people that read and update the area's blog, and we had some family friends over to the Lodge for dinner, so it was good to see them and, of course, eat some great food.


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