A New President

Some of you may not agree with the ideas of our new President, many did not vote for him, but we all must remember that this happens every 4 years. Some people are mad and others rejoice. Our nation truly is one of the few that can have a peaceful transition of power every 4 years and that is something that we all need to be proud of and respect. No, things will not change overnight (the DOW was down 332 today), but with time, as a nation we will become stronger and overcome both our economic and political troubles.

Now onto the fun stuff ....

I tried to watch the live feed online from CNN (after all, I did RSVP through Facebook), here is what I saw ...

CNN does have some pretty cool tools though, here is a picture of "The Moment" - you can use PhotoSynth on your own to see the other 11,000+ viewpoints.
Check out the 2 million people from space ... they look like little ants


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