New Stairs

After cleaning the stairs at the Bradley Lodge with a variety of cleaning products over the last year and a half, we finally decided to rip out the carpet, take out the old wood treads and install brand new hard wood stairs. They look amazing (and you're going to have to trust me, because there is not a picture of them currently, we will have to go back to take that one). In addition to finishing the stairs, my mom and one of her friends, Gail, raked some more pine needles, I did a little bit of painting (practicing for my house in a few weeks), we put in a new queen size bed (so that I could have my full mattress back), we ate some amazing food and even found some time to visit Chapel of the Pines for a Sunday morning service.

WEST ROSEVILLE HOUSE UPDATE: I will be doing my final walk through on Tuesday and signing the final papers sometime late next week before I close on Election Day, May 19th. All of that means, I will be having a "Painting Party" over Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday, May 23 through Monday, May 25. I don't really know how long it will take to finish, but the more people that come, the more fun it will be and the quicker it will go. I will post more details later, but if you're around, I'll provide food, beverages and paint!


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