Food, Soccer, Old Sacramento, Friday Night Concerts

Over the last three weeks I have been staying busy with work and trying to have some fun while at it. There have been a few soccer games with the Sacramento Republic, going to two Friday night concerts at Bogle Vineyards, a wine tasting via Skype that focused on the importance of the shape of the wine glass, happy hours, ice cream, and more.

I started off with a goodbye party in Napa as one of our beloved managers left for new beginnings, taking a new position in La Jolla. The wine selection, food, and cheeses were all spectacular, including an Irish Cheddar, which is actually made with Guinness. Next up, I was in Roseville to do a "Shape of the Glass" tasting with Trinitas over Skype. I invited a few friends over and we were able to do the tasting virtually, while learning how and why the glass really can make a difference when drinking wine (or for that matter Coca-Cola), also note that in some cases a plastic cup is better for the wine than the wrong wine glass ... so if you're at a picnic or pool party with plastic cups, it's totally fine! After wine tasting, we headed to the Boxing Donkey for happy hour, which is never a bad decision.

Needing some exercise I ran a lot, went on a 20 mile bike ride with a friend riding past Thunder Valley, then went to Red Robin (we deserved it). At my house I had a whole house fan installed, which has been a great addition, it keeps the air conditioner from running all the time and is a huge help in bringing the cool night/morning air inside, keeping the entire house cooler throughout the day.

Back in Napa I had some very productive meetings, and also had some fun, including heading to an Oakland A's game, where I got to hang out in a Suite off the third base line ... bonus, the A's won!

In Sacramento I went to Bogle's Friday Alfresco wine/concert nights twice, headed to two Sacramento Republic FC soccer games, celebrated National Ice Cream Sandwich and National Cheesecake Days, tried an ice cream doughnut (amazing), had breakfast with a friend (my parents cat also joined us), enjoyed some fabulous Chinese food, and went on the Sacramento "Underground" tour. It is always fun to play tourist in your own city, the "Jacked Up" tour was a great way to learn more about the city, its problems with flooding, and what they did about it .. slowly raised each building about 1/4 inch a day until they were raised 10 or so feet. The tour allowed us to go under the buildings and in some cases see what got covered up, while also learning how they were raised. Still amazing that they lifted the entire building at once, with everything (and everyone) inside. Having lunch in Old Sacramento along the the Sacramento River at Rio City Cafe was a nice way to finish out the afternoon.
Pictures for those with iPads.


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