A Fun and Food-Filled Couple of Weeks

 It has been a fun-filled (and food-filled) last couple of weeks. I've been to the Oakland Raiders training camp (takes place in Napa), enjoyed some fabulous food at The Meritage and around downtown Napa, including a winemaker dinner with Schramsberg Vineyards. Still in Napa, I also had the opportunity to taste wines at Hall and take a look at some of their famous artwork ... including the crazy jumping silver bunny (not to be confused with Sacramento's Red Rabbit at the airport - same artist though).

My parents and I headed to the Bradley Lodge. My mom and I cooked up some tasty dishes, had great wine, and also mixed up some vodka infused orange juice for breakfast. We took a couple of field trips too ... one to West Point where we helped some friends net their vineyards (so the birds don't eat the grapes), before heading to Murphys for ice cream at JoMa's. We also headed east to Lake Alpine Resort for some appetizers and to walk around what is truly one of the most beautiful (and easy to get to) lakes in northern California, even if the water level is a little lower than normal.

Closer to home The Meritage chef was on Fox40, I had the opportunity to check out the Sacramento King's preview center for the Golden One Center. I might have to go to a game now, the new arena will be amazing, plus all of the seats are padded. If you're lucky enough to go into a suite, you can set your phone anywhere on the table and it will charge. I even went to a Sacramento Cocktail Week seminar on social media for bars that was interesting ... the cocktail served was on the strong side, even for the bartenders in the room though. I also enjoyed a dinner with my aunt and cousin from Texas, had a blizzard from DQ (it was hot outside), went to a few Sacramento Republic soccer games, and may have over indulged in goodness at SmashBurger and Red Robin.

To top it all off ... I went white water rafting with some friends on the Middle Fork of the American River. One of my favorite stretches of water, I've now done it three times. No photos from this adventure, but you can see previous photos here.
Photos for those with iPads.


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