Biba + the Third Annual Masters and Makers

As always, it's been a great few weeks. I've been making the time to run while I'm at home (even got up to 10 miles on Super Bowl Sunday), enjoyed fabulous food and wine, celebrated with friends and family, plus have been in Napa.

My family celebrated my grandma's birthday at Biba in Sacramento with a beautiful lunch. Plus Biba came by to sign a cookbook for her, chat, and take a few pictures. We also had a great dinner cooked at home with a bottle of Napa Valley wine from Rutherford Ranch. Lunch and dinner at Red Robin and Chili's weren't a bad thing either.

After a 10 mile run on Super Bowl Sunday we continued a food tradition ... homemade nachos! They were so good, I think after three years, we're figuring out the right way to make baked tortilla chips.

The Third Annual Masters and Makers did not disappoint. With an opening wine tasting with HALL Wines/St. Helena and Trinitas Cellars, followed by a winemaker dinner that began with a poolside reception and finished with dinner in the Estate Cave.

Saturday began with breakfast with a friend in Siena (the French Toast was tasty). Breakfast finished at about 10:50 ... lunch started at 11 a.m. on the Vineyard Terrace, I accepted the challenge and enjoyed the three course "Opposites Attract" lunch with a wine you would and wouldn't expect to be paired with each course. After lunch was (is) my favorite class every year ... Shape of the Glass with RIEDEL. This year we tried two white wines and two red wines, all from Etude. It always amazes me how the shape of a glass really can make a huge difference in the taste of the wine (or for that matter even water and Coca-Cola).

Saturday night was the Grand Tasting. 40 wineries, 2 breweries, an author, RIEDEL, and more amazing food from the culinary team, plus a live band that added to the ambiance. It may be stressful to plan, but knowing that everyone had a great time makes it all worth it.

Sunday morning started with a Valen-Wines Day Brunch (February 14) on the Vineyard Terrace and ended with a Meritage Blends and Chocolate Tasting. I'm looking forward to 2017 now (as well as a few upcoming Winemaker Dinners).
Pictures for those with iPads.


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