Check Out The Links

So, I can't really think of anything better to talk about today, then to make sure everyone is paying attention to the links at the right side of the screen. Here is a quick look at just a few of them ....

LifeSnacks - my brothers blog, that used to be all about his life, then he and his wife, now it's all about the baby, pictures are posted weekly (if not more often), we are now in week 27 (that's just over 6 months).

Carbon Offset Joke - once again from the creator of LifeSnacks, my brother decided to capitalize on global warming and thinking green with joke/product, I have actually seen the prototype, it's pretty cool.

Cal Poly's Campus Crusade for Christ and Veritas Forum - Cal Poly has one of the best college Christian ministries I know of with Campus Crusade. It is great to know that it continues follow its mission statement of bringing the Gospel to every student at Cal Poly. The Veritas Forum at Cal Poly seeks to explore the radical and ancient possibility of truth in relation to all of life: Music, Science, Philosophy, Morality, Spirituality, History, Poetry, Art, Personal Life Experience, Sexuality and much more. It is one of the best conferences I think I've ever been to and best of all, it's free.

Bradley Lodge - my family's cabin, it's awesome and available to rent.

Dave the Horn Guy - he went to the same church as me for a long time, then during An Evening in December (a church Christmas show), he decided he should play Jingle Bells with horns attached to his body, since then he's been on the Tonight Show, David Letterman and America's Got Talent. This week he performs at Bayside's Thrive 2008.

In-N-Out Talk - another blog created by my brother all about In-N-Out, yes my brother seems to have a lot of free time.

World Vision - one of the top world relief organizations in the world, I support a child and his village with a monthly gift, there are tons of other ways to serve and help change the world one person at a time. Get involved, make a difference.

I know I didn't talk about every link, but I just wanted to give an overview of some of the most important ones and some of the funny ones. Remember to take a look at the list every so often, as I try to add new links on a regular basis.


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