Chris Tomlin

It was a very long day, but a great day. I started the day off by waking up early for a work event/health fair in Napa, then it was off to lunch at Buckhorn Grill (very good) and back to the office for awhile, before heading off to help staff the merchandise tables for the Chris Tomlin Sacramento Concert. I got to use the credit card machines, always fun, and sell lots of people CDs, T-shirts, hats, posters and just about everything else that said Chris Tomlin on it. Although I only went into see the concert for a few minutes, what I saw was great and it was another good opportunity to hang out with all of my friends in the merchandise area. Although not all of the pictures are from the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium concert tonight, many are (thanks to Twitter, more to come from Facebook over the next few days), others are from Chris Tomlin's "On the Road Blog" (Concert review by the New York Times).

Just a reminder, this weekend at Bayside Louie Giglio (Passion Conferences) is speaking and it's Thrive sign-up weekend! Also the Shore 1000 is quickly approaching, March 19th.


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