A Week at the Lodge

I took one of my longest trips to the Bradley Lodge this week, Tuesday through Sunday, and it was filled with lots of activity. The main reason for the trip was that my aunt, cousin and cousin's boyfriend were in California from Texas to look at colleges and to play in snow. On Tuesday night we watched American Idol and got ready for skiing at Bear Valley. Wednesday we all skied at Bear Valley, where I bought my 2009-2010 season pass (it was too good of a deal to pass up) and played games at the Lodge. Wednesday was another day of skiing for my aunt and me, while the other two decided to try snow shoeing and cross country skiing, they enjoyed both. Friday was another busy day, my mom, grandma and I went to Murphy's and Ironstone Vineyards to look around, take pictures of some beautiful flowers and look at their 40+ pound piece of gold and then we became members of the Stevenot Winery Wine Club before taking a scenic drive back to the Bradley Lodge on "Avery Sheep Ranch Road." Saturday, my dad and I went skiing, although it was colder than the last two days of skiing, it was still at lot of fun, I got in nearly 30 runs in about 4 hours of skiing, so there really weren't any lines. Saturday night we had lots of hail, before it gave way to snow on Sunday morning. As I drove the Escape out of the driveway there was about 1 foot of snow and it was still coming down, it was a beautiful drive and the Escape got to test its 4WD.


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