From Pine Needles to Wine Tasting

With the Bradley Lodge getting nearly five inches of snow on Thursday, we were not sure what to expect for the weekend, especially since we needed to finish raking pine needles and clearing our property to make it fire safe.  Luckily by Friday when we arrived we only had small patches of snow and when we started to work on Saturday everything had melted, it was just soaking wet.  Since it was so wet we could not bring out our inner pyro like last time, we actually had to take it to the yard waste disposal site and pay $5 per cubic yard of pine needles and tree branches.  After about $50 spent our property was clear and it was time to have fun with my cousins and family for the rest of the weekend.  We got to walk around Big Trees State Park (without snow) and then headed down to Murphys for some wine tasting.  Next up ... heading to Portland, OR for a wedding.


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