New Fence, Part III

In July 2008 my dad and I began a multi-year process, rebuilding the fences at "Camp Bradley" (aka their house in the Pocket area - yes it is cool enough to be listed on Wikipedia - of Sacramento).  In September of the same year, we worked on a second portion of fence, today we finished the third section (total of five sections for those keeping score). Although my dad started digging holes and setting posts weeks ago, we finally had the time (ie they were not on a 17-day Panama Canal cruise, we were not at an out of state wedding or at the Bradley Lodge) to demo the old fence (now at the Sacramento County Landfill and cut up for kindling wood) and put up the new fence. Thankfully we purchased pre-assembled 8-foot sections from HD Supply to help the process go quickly, but it still took about four hours to complete and we finished just in time to watch nearly the entire USA v. Ghana game (sadly the USA did not advance).  One day my parents house will have all new fencing, unfortunately the last two sections will be the most difficult, both because of the length (one runs more than 150 feet) and because of climbing rose bushes that grow up both of them.


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