Ferrari + Car Crusher = All in a Day's Work

Well this week was pretty amazing for a variety of reasons, but Thursday stands out as the best (and most interesting) work day.  First I woke up at 5 am and headed from Fort Bradley to Specialized Parts Planet in Rancho Cordova for a series of live shots on Good Day Sacramento.  The idea: have fun, while showing that buying used auto parts from Specialized Parts Planet is more cost effective and better for the environment than buying new parts from the manufacturer. We took a door off a Mercedes that would retail for $800 to $1,000 new, but used it is only about $400.  You can get everything from a tail-light to a hood for almost any car you can think of at Specialized Parts Planet, even Ferrari's.  After playing with cars in reasonably good condition and a 2003 Ferrari for the first few shots we moved on to the main event, the "CRUSHER." The reporter played hang man ("Good Day Sacramento" was the answer) and Tic-Tac-Toe on a few cars before watching them get crunched into a nice "car sandwich."

Once back at the office my task was to find contact information for someone that worked at The White House, after failing to find it on the internet, I did what any reasonable person would do ... I picked up the phone and called.  Much to my surprise, a real person answered (and after less than one ring), asked me the reason I was calling, transferred me to the right person and I got all the information I needed.  It was amazing and super cool.

*Specialized Parts Planet is a client. For those that remember I did PR for them a few months ago and that is how I got my current full-time position.


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