New Beginnings

As many of you saw yesterday, I have accepted a full time position with Augustine & Associates as a Public Relations Specialist.  I have been working with Augustine on a freelance basis for the past two months (you may have seen my posts about Specialized Parts Planet coverage) and based on that work they decided to hire me on full-time.  Although I have been in the office part-time over the last four weeks, today was my first official day (I got to fill out lots of paperwork) and Tuesday will be my first full week of 8 hour days since I was laid off in September. It has been and will continue to be great to be part of a dynamic team of individuals that are truly world-class.

My Job Search Statistics:
659 - e-mails labeled "Jobs" in my Gmail Inbox 
100s - of contacts (and new friends) made at Tweetups and other networking events
100s - of tweets and Facebook status updates
70 - blog posts
24 -  "job search" blog posts
5 -  major resume revisions
4 - oil changes for my Escape (which means about 20,000 miles driven)
3 - news stories about my job search
2 - committees joined
2 - heath insurance providers
1 - week of Bayside's Career Coaching
1 - Social Media Weekend attended

The above are just a few of the statistics I could come up with quickly, behind the numbers there are many people that have been great friends throughout this process, ones who have supported me emotionally, ones who have given me advice about jobs, ones who have sent job openings my way and even a few companies that would have hired me if budgeting would have allowed for it.  All of that said I am incredibly happy to be at Augustine & Associates and I look forward to continuing my career with them for years to come.


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