Making a Difference This Holiday Season

What happens when one company and a group of individuals are willing to make a difference? Families are helped. People are served. The hungry are fed. Children smile.

My company, Augustine Ideas, decided to make a difference for our community this year. Instead of sending each of our clients and vendors an expensive holiday gift, we sent them a treasure chest with a simple letter that a child had written to Santa.  Simply put, we gave our clients gifts to children who otherwise wouldn't have been able to experience Christmas. This year we adopted 10 families with nearly 40 children and wrapped hundreds of gifts for all of them.

Putting gifts under the tree is just one way we were able to help.  Augustine Ideas also took an afternoon and evening to cook two meals each for 25 families.  Luckily for us, one of our staff members also runs a catering business, so we were able to make some great, tasty meals (lasagna, caesar salad w/ homemade croutons, rice pilaf, chicken kiev, french bread, rolls and some fabulous looking cookies) for families in need while having a great time with each other.


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