1 Hour

When I worked for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, about $65 (now it's up to $74) would fund one minute hour of medical research. In doing more research for this post I found that in one minute the international space station travels 289 miles and 21,000 pizzas are put in the oven to bake.  If all that can be done in a minute, than surely my parents and I could accomplish a lot in one hour right?  Well we most certainly did.  We headed up to the Bradley Lodge with a trailer full of firewood (all that wood that we cut down and split over the last few years won't be ready to burn until next year), unloaded the wood, put a ton of stuff into our storage areas that had been at my brother's house, set my new laptop on on the wireless network and of course made sure everything was ready for when renters come up at Christmas and New Years.

After our quick trip, which didn't even involve turning on the water (we have to turn it off during the winter, otherwise the pipes would freeze and potentially explode, creating a very bad situation), we went to lunch at Dorrington's famous "Lube Room." The converted auto repair shop turned local bar and restaurant had memorabilia on every corner of every wall and the ceiling and enough dust to cover most of it, but the hamburgers were tasty and fries were crispy. My parent's said it was something they could now check off their bucket list, when asked how high on the list that was, they said it was near the end.


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