Woody Woodpecker

Well, we may have cheated a little bit, using two chainsaws, but I thought Woody Woodpecker needed a little shout out.  After half of the tree came crashing down onto the Bradley Lodge in December and we had the other half cut down professionally in July, it was time to cut it up into rounds so that we could use a log splitter in a month or so. The whole project, cutting 30 rounds only took about 2 hours and with a little luck and some skill, no one was gravely injured and no limbs were lost.  Thanks to Eric for all of your help and for trying out your new toy at the Bradley Lodge!

After our fun morning, we decided to take a trip down to Arnold, where my dad got additional information about renting a log splitter (see above for the reason), we went to a Calaveras Humane Society fundraiser and art show and of course stopped at my mom's favorite store ... The Outhouse, despite the name it is a great store and for the first time I played with what is supposedly one of the "World's Greatest Toys," magnets that are super strong.  When we arrived back at the Bradley Lodge, we played Pinochle on the deck, even braving the rain and hail, thanks to the new awning that was installed to not only keep us in the shade, but to provide a roof over our heads when it was raining (since the 2,500 sq ft inside isn't enough I guess).


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