It's Almost November

Well Sam's Club has out Halloween items, Costco has out Santa and reindeer, but my sights are on November right now, not for my birthday or for Thanksgiving, but the election.  No this is not a political blog, no I will not tell you which way to vote, but as some of you may know I sit on a volunteer committee for Citizen Voice.  One of my projects is to find a representative from each side of the nine propositions on the California ballot and set up debates between the supporters and the opposition.  Each debate is 10 to 15 minutes long and is then placed on the Citizen Voice website for every Californian to watch.  Why do I do it?  Why does Citizen Voice take the time to film debates for each proposition?  Simply because it is important to have informed voters and with a voter guide numbering nearly 130 pages, we all recognize that very few people will actually read it from cover to cover, but perhaps they will watch videos from their computer or smart phone.  This year may not have "Prop 8," but it does have "Prop 19" and a slew of other important propositions that claim to do everything from save state parks (Prop 21) to make it easier to pass a state budget (Prop 25). 

So take the time to vote in November, but before you vote, watch some videos, read the voter information guide, read newspaper editorials or do something else to make an informed decision.

Citizen Voice debate videos are scheduled to be posted in late September.


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