Fire Near Fort Bradley

Although I was no where near Fort Bradley while a 434 acre grass fire was burning a mile away, I was still part of the action and helped get video to both Fox40 and News10.  My former roommate called me around 4:00 pm asking if I was home, I said "no" and then found out there was a fire burning in empty fields near my house, although not too scared (knowing that it would have to burn through lots of houses and jump a 4-lane road before coming close to mine), I was interested in learning more.  A few minutes later he sent me a text message with a video, I watched it and again thought all would be fine.  About an hour later, Fox40 tweeted asking for videos, I responded that I would send one, News10 quickly asked for the video as well.  Within minutes I e-mailed the video in and my former roommate and I immediately became sources of information as the video was posted on both websites.

The lesson from this ... don't just sit on the sidelines when watching breaking news, help newsrooms by taking pictures and video, then send it in to the newsrooms that are actively seeking information. After all, it is always nice to be thankful and you never know when developing developing a relationship with an assignment editor or producer could pay off, especially if you work in PR.


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