Squeeze Inn

After attending the Sacramento Tweetup at Chipolte Downtown and seeing a friend from the Sacramento Bee, I noticed that she had purchased the same deal ($10 gift certificate for $4) at The Squeeze Inn, a Sacramento institution.  I've known about The Squeeze Inn for most of my life, seen it featured on Dinners, Drive-Ins and Dives, followed news developments after an ADA lawsuit was filed against them and they decided to move from their original location and so on.  All of that said, today was my first experience at the world famous establishment.  The "Squeeze with Cheese" was amazing!  A well cooked hamburger with grated cheese piled high, making a "cheese skirt" around the burger, placed on a bun and served to hungry diners.  The fries were not as good as I was hoping for, but overall I enjoyed the experience, the burger and especially the cheese.


Michelle Ponto said…
I really need to check out the Squeeze Inn. Looks yummy...but soooo fattening.

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