Good News

This week was full of good news.  On Monday I had an interview with a public relations company in downtown Sacramento (I do not know if I will make it to round two yet), on Tuesday I had an interview with the public relations/advertising agency that I have been doing freelance work for (see previous posts about Specialized Parts Planet), later that same day they offered me a part time position working in their office for about 25 hours a week.  Although I am still looking for a full time position, this could lead to that and/or help me continue to build a more robust portfolio of work experience that I can take with me to other opportunities as they present themselves. Most importantly it gives me a huge burst of confidence that all of my hard work, persistence, networking (which will continue), education (through "webinars" and events) is paying off in ways that I may have never imagined.

Beyond interviewing, I also went to the Bradley Lodge, where my mom, grandma and I painted the great room (22+ foot vaulted ceiling, 12 windows, 2 doors).  I believe this was my first time painting on an extension ladder, which presented a host of problems, including having to climb up and down to get blue tape, paint and so on), but it turned out beautifully and most importantly I took some pictures from the top of the ladder looking down. After two days of painting on our own, my brother, his family and my dad showed up on Friday evening for a celebratory dinner (after-all we finished painting and I found work).

On Saturday morning my mom, grandma, sister in law and I (I had to drive) headed off to a very large flea market/rummage sale in White Pines (near Arnold) to see what we/they "needed." Although I didn't purchase anything, they came home with some espresso cups, toy cash register (it said "cute" on it), some clothes, games, etc. The crowds and lines to get in reminded me of the news clips they show of people racing into Walmart on Black Friday.

We then quickly loaded up my nephews in the mini-van (aka swagger wagon, although they have an Odyssey) and went to Bear Valley for an orchestra performance geared towards children.  I am pretty sure my oldest nephew thought it was cool for the first song, after that he was over it and needed to run free, so we let him (outside of course). Overall the musicians, including some very young children, were amazing to listen to and I am sure in a few years we will be able to hear the entire performance.

Our successful misadventure to the orchestra could only mean one thing, we needed to go somewhere that my nephews could be boys.  We headed deep into Big Trees State Park (literally the end of the road) and stopped at Beaver Creek.  An odd name we thought, but it was amazing.  Park goers had made rock pile dams that created pools of slow moving water for kids to play in, while also creating rushing rapids that others (older kids and adults) could float down. It was gorgeous and both the nearly three year old and the four month old had a great time with their twin 18 month old friends who knew the watering-hole well.

A final bit of good news, after more than a year one of my roommates got an offer too good to refuse and moved out of Fort Bradley, although that part is sad, I found a new roommate within about two days and he is moving in Monday!


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