Filming a Pilot Episode

The Meritage Resort and Spa - Photo Credit | Rex Gelert
Last Friday I got an e-mail from a television host asking if they could film a pilot episode for a new show at The Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa (client). Throughout the week I worked with the show's producer and staff members at The Meritage to set everything up and make sure we would all be ready to film on Friday.  Thursday evening Trish and I met with the producer of the show to be called "Behind the Vine" to take her on a tour of the majestic property. The tour gave us the opportunity to show her where they would be filming, the opportunity to meet key Meritage staff members and of course do some wine tasting.

Friday morning came and we started the day off in Spa Terra, North America's only full service spa in an underground cave, it really is amazing.  After a couple hours of filming in the Spa, we headed to Siena to film the cooking segment and sample some great food.  Chef Thomas Hartwell showed the host how to make everything from pizza to steak, while explaining that he is a "localvore" (locavore) meaning he tries to source many ingredients for the restaurant locally.  We finished off the day back in the Estate Cave (where Spa Terra is located) at the Trinitas Tasting Room.  The host learned all about the wines and the story behind the name Trinitas and one of its wines, the RatZINger, which was hand delivered to Pope Benedict XVI (born Joseph Ratzinger) by the winery's owner.

My company, AugustineIdeas, also does work with the Napa Downtown Association and it just so happened that they had a meeting Thursday and Friday as well.  This meant that not only did I have three tasty meals at Siena (Eggs Meritage, a Porchetta Sandwich and The Meritage Cheese Burger), but I got to have drinks at Fish Story and Morimoto's (Iron Chef) and enjoy a fantastic dinner with the team at Tyler Florence's Rotisserie & Wine (for more on dinner, check out my co-worker's blog)


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