A World of Anonymity

The rise of the internet and social networking has given everyone the opportunity to have access to more information and meet more people than perhaps we have ever had in the past.  For 95 percent of the world this is an amazing thing. I have met people that just five or ten years ago I may never have been able to meet.  I have learned things that I may never have known.  It has helped me in my career, it has helped me develop friendships, it has given me a platform that I would have never had.

That said, five percent of the people on the internet decide to use their online anonymity to spread hate in a way they would have never done in the past and still would never consider saying to a person's face.

Why do I say this? Because I've spent the last few years reading hateful and harmful comments on The Sacramento Bee website (and many others) about nonprofits, churches and companies who are doing great things, but for some reason people, seeking anonymity, continue to lash out at them mainly because they are ill informed. Today was the proverbial "straw that broke the camels back," when one of my friends, who is a mom, a blogger and home school teacher was accused of not spending enough time with her kids.  I was shocked, she is an amazing mom, her husband is an amazing dad, they both spend hours upon hours with their children everyday.  The mom, since she home schools is rarely away from her children, in fact, just last week she took them with her on a trip to Southern California.

It is anonymous, hurtful and harmful comments that quickly serve to devalue the positive power that the internet provides.  Yes, everyone has the right to an opinion, but I ask that before you make a negative comment you make sure you have the facts. Most importantly if you wouldn't say it to the individual in person don't say it online. If you're still going to say it, make sure that you are willing to put your real name (and contact information) on the line, don't cowardly hide behind an alias.


It frustrates me so much that people leave nasty comments on blogs. I will never understand it.

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