Cupcakes and Easter

Over the weekend I celebrated Easter like everyone with ... with lots of cupcakes. Knowing that I would be heading out of town on Sunday, I headed to Bayside's Easter service on Friday night, the message and everything else was powerful and a great reminder of everything that was done by Jesus to rescue us. Saturday I took cupcakes to my favorite family of nine (also the only family of nine that I know), needless to say with seven kids, the cupcakes vanished a few minutes after I arrived.

Sunday I picked up a Mickey Mouse Cupcake Cake from Safeway, along with some Easter Bunny Cupcakes, and headed to Richmond (by way of Sacramento and Lodi) for a family Easter gathering and to celebrate by nephew and a cousin's birthday. My nephew had just spent the week at Disneyland so he was pretty impressed with the cakes design and liked the icing even more after he blew out the candles and could eat.


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