Filming and Photos

My week started off with a trip to The Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa. I was  there not only to check out the remodel of Crush Ultra Lounge (they updated the area behind the bar) and revamped the menu (adding dessert ... my new favorite is the gourmet root beer float), but to help film an episode of a travel show that airs on KRON in the San Francisco Bay Area, Days with Zahrah. We filmed inside the Estate Cave, out by the pool, inside Siena, Crush Ultra Lounge and Blend, Spa Terra, the lobby, the vineyards, inside a few rooms and in a few of the courtyards. One of my favorite scenes was a wine and chocolate pairing inside Trinitas Cellars. A must do if you're at (or near) the resort, it's fun and actually very educational.

There were some other fun food adventures. Starbucks is becoming a new hangout with various business meetings, I'm trying to branch out with slightly healthier options than my typical Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino or white chocolate mocha. So far smoothies and the vanilla bean Frappuccino are winning. I also hung out with a good friend. We started out at Bayside and listened to Francis Chan speak. Next we headed up to the Ground Cow in Penyrn for burgers and fries. We were a little full, so decided that we needed to drive and walk before dessert at Rick's Dessert Diner in Sacramento. It was my first time there and all I can say is the cakes are huge!

After eating way too much I headed to my niece's first birthday party at Picchetti Winery in Cupertino. All first birthday parties should really be held at wineries, second through tenth birthdays can be held in a backyard, John's Incredible Pizza or Safari Run. It was great to see lots of my family and extended family, plus I got to meet my sister-in-law's nephew. On the way back to Sacramento my parents and I decided we needed to use a few Groupon's in Lodi. We went wine tasting at Van Ruiten Family Winery, then picked up my grandma and enjoyed dinner at Las Islitas Seafood. It was the first time I'd been served an entire talapia since I lived in Mexico, other than the view it was just as good too.

Now its time to get ready for the cruise, but first more eating. Panera and Red Lantern at Thunder Valley so far. Good practice since our ship has a nightly sushi bar.


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