Making a Difference this Christmas

First for the week in review ... my roommates bought me a McFlurry, evidently they thought I was eating too healthy and needed some more Reese's in my life. On Wednesday I met up with friends for happy hour at Islands before watching Hunger Games: Catching Fire (I suppose we didn't want to go to the movie hungry). On Friday I headed to Lincoln Brewster's "Joy to the World" Concert at Bayside and Saturday met a friend for breakfast at Peg's before heading to Bayside for church, their Christmas Tree lighting, ice skating and dinner with friends at Red Robin.

Now to the making a difference part. At the Lincoln Brewster Concert Covenant Kids Congo and World Vision were there. I already sponsor two kids through World Vision, one from Swaziland and the other from Ethopia, I thought that was enough, but then as I was thinking about it, I have so much to be thankful for and in this Christmas season I knew I could do something more to help one more child in need. So after the concert I made the decision to sponsor a third child. $40 a month isn't cheap, it's a tank of gas, a dinner or two out, etc. But giving up something and making do with $40 less a month makes a huge difference in the life of a kid halfway around the world. It provides an education, food, clothing, medical care, clean water and much more. So if you can spare $40 a month, consider sponsoring a child in another country this holiday season. You can pick the first one that comes up or find one that was born on the same day as you or your children and grandchildren.


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