Thanksgiving at the Lodge

My family celebrated another fantastic Thanksgiving at the Bradley Lodge. Needless to say we ate well and had a lot of fun. From prime rib to turkey with all the trimmings to lots of great wines, including bottles from Perry Creek, Pine Ridge and Bogle, to a few field trips to Bear Valley and Big Trees State Park there was always something to do. I also found time to run a few times and after our cooking success at The Melting Pot we decided to have a fondue dinner, where we cooked our food, my nephews even got in on the cooking action ... they preferred dessert though.

Although our Polar Dash turned into the "Polar Scenic Hike" at Bear Valley (because of the lack of snow) it was fun to see new parts of the mountain and to see how different it looks when there isn't snow on the ground. At Big Trees State Park we took a peek at the new visitors center and gift shop, it was beautiful and I actually learned a few things about the park that I didn't know before, despite going there nearly every year of my life. We capped off the trip by seeing Santa come in on his red firetruck (way better than a sleigh) to light the Dorrington Christmas Tree. Now not only is the Dorrington Christmas tree up and lit, but so are the trees at the Bradley Lodge and Fort Bradley (my house).


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