A busy, yet successful week ...

It was a busy week at work and around my house, but everything got done. I started to write "Cappie" award entries for some of the projects I have worked on this year including the "Karen Gaffney 'Tahoe Challenge'" that drew national media attention with stories on the Today Show and CBS Evening News and the Partnership for Prescription Assistance San Diego Fire Relief Bus Tour where I helped build a strong partnership with American Red Cross staff in charge of disaster relief. Hopefully it will be like last year and I'll come away with a few awards, like the one I got for "Debbie's Dream" a campaign to increase the number of minority bone marrow donors. I also saw some of my hard work pay off when a feature story ran in the North County Times about an event with Linda Dano that I am helping to put together in San Diego and several other media outlets have shown interest in interviewing her on the day of the event, while one has confirmed.

I was busy outside of the office also, my parents and I went to Lodi to celebrate my Grandma's birthday on Saturday and watched the Super Bowl with friends and family on Sunday. On Monday I got my tires rotated for free and somehow spent $200 at Costco. I went back to Costco on Tuesday to return my iPod that broke and got a new one (so that was cool) and of course watched Super Tuesday Election Coverage and saw how wrong the polls ended up being, then on Wednesday I started to gather all of my tax documents and finally today I went up to The Shore at Bayside and of course I'm writing the blog. I almost forgot, I also found time to make it to the gym every day :-).

Now I just need to pack up my ski stuff and get ready to head up to the Bradley Lodge on Friday for some skiing at Bear Valley with all the family.


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