It was a weekend of firsts. It started on Friday with my first snowboarding experience at Sierra at Tahoe. Although the first few runs before my lesson were scary and involved many falls, I got the hang of it after my instructor told me how to turn. Thanks to Dave and Any Mountain Sports the day only cost $54 for a lift ticket, snowboard rental and 2.5 hour lesson, so it was well worth trying it out once and although I may try it again, I don't think I'll be giving up skiing anytime soon. With the falls there was one casualty, my digital camera's screen cracked, so I'll be getting that repaired, it still took good pictures for the rest of the weekend though. After a long day on the slopes I headed down to the Heavenly Village Shops to hang out for a little while before The Shore's "Consumed Winter Retreat." While at the village I purchased the "Heavenly Bear" to add to my growing collection of stuffed animals from various cities and places and ate dinner at Baja Fresh, where I ran into The Shore's pastor who was also there grabbing some food prior to the retreat starting.

Consumed was an amazing retreat and it was The Shore's first ever retreat as a group. It was great to see how well everyone worked together to make sure it went off without a problem and the 120+ people there all had an amazing time. We were able to connect as friends in ways never imagined and have a great time at Zephyr Point Conference Center in Zephyr Cove, Nevada. The views from the conference center and my room were amazing and as you can see I took lots of pictures of Lake Tahoe and some of the fun we had throughout the retreat. Also, I have posted a video for Chris Tomlin's new song "God of This City" which became one of the theme songs for the weekend.


Dave said…
I like your new header! Nice work. Sorry to hear about your digital camera, but glad that you had a good time snowboarding.

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