Parent's Cruise Extended

Well, it might seem like a great thing, when the 15 day cruise you are on gets extended by a day. Unfortunately, it was because some person on the cruise (average age 112) had some sort of a medical emergency as the boat was a few hundred miles outside of Hawaii on its way back to California. So the cruise will be coming home a day later than expected. What does all of this mean? I had to rebook my parents flights at Southwest (which originally meant upgrading to a full fare flight, but I just got off the phone with Southwest and they were willing to waive the additional fee - thank you Southwest!) and figure out how to get my parents from the airport to their house if I'm not in town. All of that, really isn't too bad, the worst part is the Celebrity Mercury might be infected with the Norovirus. That basically means that most public areas of the ship are closed and most of the activities are canceled. The good part, everything that you might normally do yourself (or want to do yourself) is done for you, like pour a cup of coffee or water, serve yourself at the buffet, open doors ... Anyway, all of that said, I think my parents are still having a good time, they haven't gotten sick yet and will hopefully enjoy their one extra day of vacation.

On the bright side ... I did get a cool post card ...

Here’s to hoping the December Cruise on Royal Caribbean is better (and has a lower average age).


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