In the Bee!

Well, if you follow me on Twitter or are my friend on Facebook you remember all of the "painting party" and "working on my new house" updates over the last month and a half, well it just so happens that a reporter from the Sacramento Bee, Jim Wasserman, was also paying attention. He called me on Wednesday to see if he could use me and my new home purchase in a story that came out today, showing how the Roseville, in particular WestPark/West Roseville, housing market is doing better than the rest of the Sacramento region when it comes to home sales. Although I have always heard of "social media" (in fact it is a part of my job) and how it could help in situations like this one (a reporter needing a lead for a story), but I never thought I would actually be that lead, it was really cool and Jim was great to work with.


liv4jesus said…
That's really cool Andrew! i read the article, and it's always more interesting when you know someone that they're writing about.
i'm excited to hear how the house has progressed, and i hope i can come see it again sometime soon!

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