A Busy Weekend

Well, after being "featured" in the Sacramento Bee on Friday for purchasing "Fort Bradley" it was time to "finish" the backyard. My parent's and I spent Saturday and Sunday putting up the pergola that has been mentioned so many times on my blog as one of the last projects to be done and now it is done!! After the pergola went up (and we took pictures) we added drawer pulls and knobs to the kitchen and laundry room cabinets and drawers, so now I can say, not only is the inside done, but so is the backyard (done meaning, there is still more to do, but no more "major" projects are left).

As if putting up a pergola and finishing things up around my house were not enough to make it a great weekend, my parent's and I also went to a family friend's wedding. It is kind of a cool story, the mom of the girl who got married was my mom's college neighbor and was in my parent's wedding, so now, my family has been to two of her three daughter's weddings and both families are still good friends. The wedding was very nice and was my first "bilingual wedding" (Carly was in the Peace Corp in Nicaragua, where she met Rigo. They both currently live in Boston, where Carly will be starting her second year of med school).

My house now awaits its first official family gathering, a progressive dinner, next weekend. Dinner at my cousin's house and dessert at mine ... Luke your toys and gift await your arrival.


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