Happy Anniversary!

After meeting in a cultural anthropology class and doing a group project together, my parents have now been married for 37 years! In a world that makes lasting love seem impossible, they have been able to successfully raise 2 kids and 6 cats; they have lived in at least 3 states, 5 cities and 10 homes. They have gone on round the world cruises, been on countless missions trips to Mexicali and have been to nearly every state, many more than once. My mom started, owned and sold a thriving frame shop in both Davis and Woodland and worked for the vision services team that tested school kids eyes; my dad has gotten his master's degree, worked for Shell Oil, UC Davis, GE, SMUD, SAIC, Sutter Health and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratoy, and racked up hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles. It has been a busy 37 years and there are many more years to come, hopefully involving more travel and a chance to relax at the Bradley Lodge.


nat said…
Andrew what a great post! I loved it!
nat said…
Andrew what a great blog post! i love it!

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