Awakened ... the Road Trip

Awakened, the Shore's Fall Retreat, similar to the Consumed Winter Retreat in February, was another amazing chance to grow closer to friends and to God. Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds provided the location, while the Shore Worship Ministry Team transformed an old, cold (yet beautiful) "Tabernacle" into an amazing House of Worship (with the help of some Lincoln Brewster concert tour lighting and sound equipment, a trailer sized generator and a 24 foot Enterprise Rent-A-Truck). Beyond great worship, we heard Curt Harlow talk about "Road Trips" and how, even when we may want to say "Get Me Outta Here" when life gets tough; if we just push through with friends and with God, we experience something many never will. We also got to do some fun things around Alliance Redwoods ... we flew through the forest on a zipline, climbed a "vertical playpen," took some night hikes, bonded closer together as friends and of course went to Bodega Bay to explore the beaches, had some amazing bread and some great clam chowder. There was some bad news though, a Toyota 4 Runner didn't make it out of a Bodega Bay parking lot, I don't really know what happened to it, but that's what AAA is for.

It was a great weekend and some great memories were made - not to mention my GPS got a name ... Lola. I'm sorry for all of the pictures, but I did narrow them down, there were over 200 on my camera when I got home.


Dave said…
Cool, that's where we had our 20s group retreat.

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