Weekends at the Lodge

We spent the last two weekends at the Lodge, unfortunately week one's pictures did not turn out too well and we forgot the camera for week two's adventures. Week one we used a chain saw, so that was fun, we cut the tree trunk into smaller pieces, eventually we will cut split it into more firewood, similar to what we did a few weeks ago. For week two we had planned to continue staining the outside of the Bradley Lodge and get a few other things done outside, however it rained. We did get some stuff done though and more importantly we toured Bear Valley Village and some other places in Alpine County. As I mentioned we didn't have a camera, so the pictures below are the best I could do from Google Images.

Entering Bear Valley

Silver Mountain at Bear Valley

Bear Valley Village in the future, like Squaw Valley

Lake Alpine

We also drove through Cabbage Patch,

no not the kids, the Caltrans Maintenance station where they store snow plows


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