Timber ...

Unfortunately, some pine beetles felt they should eat a tree on Bradley Lodge property a few months ago, this week the tree came tumbling down with the help of a local lumberjack.

This weekend's Bradley Lodge visit was busy. Most importantly, Luke and family came to the Lodge so that they could experience the "earthquake" that happened when a 60 foot section of the tree finally came down. We also took our final four loads of pine needles, leaves and dead wood to the yard waste recycler (a total of 19 trailer loads went this year, hopefully there will be less next year). For fun we went to Spicer Reservoir for the one year reunion of Erin and Eric's Wedding. It was really kind of cool, not just to see everyone again, but because the day after they got married was the first day my family started looking for what would be the Bradley Lodge. Who knew that after seeing over 4o cabins and lodges, we would buy the second one we saw.

Labor Day Weekend 2008 marked the one year anniversary of the Bradley Lodge and hopefully we will have many more fun weekends and years at the Lodge.


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