Thriving Musician Summit

I had a fantastic opportunity to act as a "Break Out" team lead at Bayside and Christian Musician Summit's "Thriving Musician Summit" Friday and Saturday that was presented by World Vision. It was amazing to see all of the Bayside volunteers and staff work together to pull off a great conference, not to mention getting all of the class rooms, worship center, lobby and courtyard changed from a conference setup with rented chairs and tables, massive exhibits and A/V equipment to a fully functioning church in 30 minutes. The Musician summit had some amazing speakers and artists at it, everyone from my friends, to Mia Fieldes and Ben Fielding from Hillsong United and Hillsong in Australia to Phil Wickham (who I got to drive back to his hotel) to Paul Baloche to Jeff Scott and Norm Stockton to Tom Brooks (who I also drove) and Brandon Yip. Then there was Lincoln Brewster's "CD Pre-Release Concert" for "Today is the Day" at Bayside Friday night. Although I did not sit on the floor, I did watch from a room above the Worship Center, so that was pretty fun, and I saw a few friends from First Covenant that I had not seen in a long time.

"Today is the Day" video - filmed at Bayside's "Come Together 2007" at Arco Arena in Sacramento.


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