Events at Bayside

Bayside's Olympic style ministry faire took place this weekend, it was great to see everyone in their Olympic clothing. From boxing to badminton to track and field, all train hard and continue to go for the gold in their daily and weekly ministries.

Upcoming Bayside events that you don't want to miss ...

Thursday, September 18 ... Ray Johnston (Bayside's Senior Pastor) will be speaking. Friday and Saturday (September 19 and 20) is the Thriving Musicians Summit, I will be there as a volunteer. If you're not a musician, but want to see an amazing concert, you can do that too ... Friday, Lincoln Brewster and Phil Wickham will be joined by Mia Fields and Ben Fielding from Hillsong United for an awesome Pre-CD Release Concert of Lincoln's new CD "Today is the Day." If you're busy Friday night, then come to Bayside Saturday or Sunday and join Lincoln Brewster for weekend services (Saturday at 4:30 and 6:15 pm, Sunday at 8:15, 9:45 and 11:30 am)Some of your may remember my post from Consumed in February, the Shore will be having another retreat, next month. Awakened.


Kirk and Abbey said…
Hey Andrew~ Thanks for the comment! We were bummed that we missed seeing you guys at the cabin. Next time we'll bring the Pathfinder to the mountains! Sounds like we missed an eventful weekend, "earthquake" and all! Take care,


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