Courage To Be You

Last night I had the opportunity to attend a special event at Bridgeway Christian Church in Rocklin. The event brought attention to the immense problem of sex trafficking not in Cambodia or Thailand, but in the United States, in California and in Sacramento. You see we thought slavery was abolished during Lincoln's time, but sadly that is not the case, it is estimated that more than 500,000 people within the US are being trafficked every day across the US, in fact one mom from El Dorado Hills even told how her daughter was kidnapped and taken into the "industry" before being rescued. All in all, this is not just the stuff we see in movies like Taken it is a real problem and a problem that many are trying to find a solution for. Right now in the United States there are only three houses for people to go to after they have been rescued (many end up in Juvenile Hall for their own protection), the Courage To Be You organization hopes to be the fourth and the first one with a Christian focus.

KCRA Reports on Courage to be You from Jenny Williamson on Vimeo.


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