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In tracking how people come to my blog I have seen that when people are searching on-line for information one of the first places they go to is my blog. Although I don't always know why they click through, I do know that Google and other search engines give preference to blogs in search results, so this post is for all of you that come to my blog looking for information.

Sacramento's Marketing and PR Professionals Blood Drive: March 24, 2010
Although I'm not sure if I will be able to participate or not (I may be out of town), there are still five spots left for other PR and marketing professionals to give blood and help those in need throughout our community.

Celebrate Easter at Bayside: April 2 - April 4, 2010
Bayside's will host 12 Easter services this year, many at the Main Campus, but at three other venues: Granite Bay High School, Whitney High School and the Folsom Community Center.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are coming to Bayside: April 8 - May 15, 2010
This exhibit was supposed to go directly to Azusa Pacific University, where it will be on permanent display, but Bayside is getting it first. The "From the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Bible in America" exhibit is sure to be one of the largest events of its type in Northern California ever with people traveling from near and far to see everything from fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls, but parts of the Greek New Testament and some of the earliest printed Bibles. Cost $10, purchase tickets in advance on-line.

Swim for Life: April 24, 2010
Similar to the Colon Cancer Alliance's "Undy 5000," this is "not your typical 10k" ... Citizen Voice's "Safely Out" and California Family Fitness are teaming up to raise money to make Safely Out (disaster kits) available for the blind and other high risk groups. The idea came from Bill Romanelli who said he would swim a 10K to raise 10K, since then I and others have been working hard to secure a venue and now donors and other swimmers to come alongside him to meet the goal of raising $10,000 or more for Safely Out. The event will also include a media event, "The Sports Guy Celebrity Floatie Challenge," if you are a member of the media and wish to be a part of this fun event (non-sports guys welcome too) please contact me. To donate for for more information please click here.

Thrive 2010: April 29 - May 1, 2010
If you haven't been to Thrive before and have always thought "that looks cool," then you should come. Although tickets for inside the main Worship Center have sold out, tickets are available for "studio seating." What does that mean? It means for about $70 (instead of $150+) you can watch the main sessions with hundreds of others on a screen (which to be honest I think most people watch the screens even when they are in the main Worship Center) and you still have access to attend all of the break out sessions in person.

In job search news, I have had some really good interviews lately and have others scheduled so things are looking up. In the meantime if you have any job leads or know of people that I should meet with (even if they are not currently hiring) I would love to meet them and continue to expand my network of contacts throughout the Sacramento region.


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