April Snow

After a great Easter Service at Bayside (which I actually went to on Good Friday - don't worry I attended the Good Friday service earlier in the day) I headed to the Bradley Lodge with my parent's and grandma on Saturday. We had a low-key weekend of fixing computers (the Lodge now has a desktop that will stay there and that everyone will be able to use), putting away winter decorations (and re-arranging some blocks on the mantel), playing pinochle (my grandma and I won) and of course skiing for the last time of the season at Bear Valley. My dad and I probably set a personal record with 22 runs for me and 21 runs for him done before 11:30 when it started to snow and we decided to leave (yes we are fair weather skiers when given the option). When the snow started to fall it came down like a blizzard and by the time we left on Monday morning nearly two feet of fresh snow had fallen on the Bradley Lodge leaving the trees and ground with a beautiful blanket of snow (check out the bird house as it slowly got covered with snow over about 12 hours).

On Tuesday night as I was heading out to the first ever Placer Business TweetUp at Piati's in Roseville (basically a networking/mixer event) I saw on Facebook that a friend wanted to go skiing on Wednesday, so we decided to use our free passes (mine from Christmas and his from a client) at Sugar Bowl. We enjoyed great spring skiing conditions, amazing views of Donner Lake and got to catch up on life since we rarely see each other. While driving back to my friend's house in Loomis I also spotted "Mater" from the movie Cars, one of my oldest nephew's favorite movies and had to take lots of pictures for him.

Overall a great, but very busy last few days for me, preparations for the Swim for Life event for Safely Out are going very well and I am already starting to book some interviews on local television and radio stations to publicize the event. In addition to the Swim for Life event I am also helping to get members from each of the propositions to be part of a debate that will be posted on the Citizen Voice Web site, similar to this one, and most importantly I have had some great interviews and exchanges with a few key companies as I continue my job search.


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