Napa Valley Film Festival

I attended my first film festival this week, although I didn't see any films, so I'm not sure if it really counts. I was there working on behalf of a client to tweet during the event (it's frowned upon to tweet during movies).  It was a lot of fun to hang out at the Bosch Culinary Stage at the Oxbow Public Market, drink some wine from 1976 while talking to the stars from Bottle Shock in the Buick Tweet House at the Avia and be at VIP parties at both the Napa Valley Opera House and Robert Mondavi.

It was a busy 27 hours, but luckily I got to hang out with my friends from The Meritage, meet the celebrities, eat some amazing food (Siena, Gott's Roadside and Pica Pica) and I even walked away with an early birthday gift from Bosch.

I'm looking forward to my next trip to Napa (maybe this week or next week) and was glad that I could be a part of the inaugural film festival, can't wait for next year. Now I'm at the Bradley Lodge celebrating my birthday!


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