Visiting Facebook

I barely made it to the Facebook corporate office in Palo Alto before they move to their new office complex in Menlo Park. I have wanted to visit Facebook since my sister-in-law started working there over a year ago, but today was my first chance. After finding a place to park (not an easy feat for the employees, a little easier for visitors), I took the obligatory photo of the address sign and then headed into the lobby to sign in and take more pictures.

The lobby offered a few more photo opps, including a framed Facebook logo that had signatures of various executives and celebrities, a lego sculpture of the Facebook logo, a "HACK" sign (hack is for all intensive purposes Facebook's motto) and a TV screen that shows all of the connections people are making around the world with Facebook.

Once inside the offices I saw the famous wall (and took a few pictures, I practically blend in). After the wall I looked around the office, saw Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg and what I believe was the rest of the executive team in conference room surrounded by glass and then headed to get some snacks. Free food is a staple in the office and that was great ... I decided to help myself to cookies, Polar Bear Coca-Cola, Starbursts, etc at one of the snack stations. They also have the new Coca-Cola choose your own adventure machine that can make every flavor of Coke and then some.

While eating and taking pictures I got to see more of the office heading over to the employee cafeteria where I got to speak with Facebook's head chef. He was great to talk with and all I can say is the new Facebook campus will have amazing food options for all of the employees (and occasional guests). Lunch was great and reminded me of the tasty buffets on a Royal Caribbean cruise without the ocean view and without having to pay for a cruise.

Did You Know ... that instead of "Casual Friday" a few Facebook staff believe in "Corporate Friday"?
If your still curious about what the inside of the office looks like, search Google Images for "Facebook + Palo Alto" and you can see pictures that other people took.


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