Back to Work

After 17 days of vacation (11 were work days), it was time to get back to work. Luckily I had been checking my email throughout the trip, some may disagree with this philosophy, but I really hate coming back from vacation and then having to go through 1,000 emails. I would rather look at 50 or 60 a day, respond to the important ones immediately and respond to the remaining few when I get back.

The week also included three special events. First, while I was out, my manager accepted a new position, so our team took her to P.F. Chang's (this helped me avoid cooking for yet another meal). Next, it was off to Del Paso County Club to celebrate the official re-branding of HMH Builders to Swinerton Builders Sacramento (another meal I did not cook). Finally, I enjoyed my Saturday at the Denio's Scarecrow Festival and Parade. I helped hundreds of kids paint pumpkins, decorate Trick-or-Treat bags and, of course, ate a corn dog and nachos.


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