Gutter Clog

There's always something to do at the Bradley Lodge. From raking pine needles to replacing stairs and snow blowing, we stay busy, but also have fun. This trip was no exception. As we were cleaning the Lodge gutters, we noticed a problem, the downspout that has a long extension that goes underground and around our cabin had a clog. After an hour or so of digging, we were able to remove the section of underground pipe, remove the 3.5 foot long clog and get everything back in place. We then headed to Arnold's Ace Hardware to buy a guard for the downspout to make sure that doesn't happen again.

Beyond the work, we made sure to eat. Highlights included Chocolate Carmelita Bars and nachos with a bean/salsa dip base. We also played Pinochle and watched the Giants win game three of the World Series.


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