New Food, Old Restaurants

This was a weekend of trying a few new places for me. After seeing friends post amazing food pictures a few weeks ago I knew I wanted to try The Ground Cow in Penryn. I "Liked" their page on Facebook and was continually reminded why I needed to go try a burger. After work on Friday my roommate and I went. I enjoyed a beer, milkshake and the Black & Blue burger with fries, while he had a traditional burger with mashed potatoes. We were both thoroughly impressed with the food and, although it's outside of my routine to drive to Penryn, I'll be back. I also found out that my mom and grandma used to go to The Ground Cow on their drives between Reno and San Francisco about 30 years ago, since then the restaurant has had a few different names and chefs, but it's now back to what it was.

After doing yard work and cleaning my house on Saturday, I headed to the gym and another Blood Source blood drive. This was my second time giving blood and first time doing it on their mobile unit. It was amazing to see how much stuff they could pack onto the bus, an intake area, room for questions and blood screening, then four chairs for donations and an area to eat a few snacks after the donation was over. Now that I've donated twice, I think I will continue to do it, it's good to know that my blood could be helping someone else live. Once the donation was done, I went to Bayside and found a few friends to hang out with. We journeyed to Cool River Pizza for dinner. Although I've had their pizza a few times before, it was always at events, so this was my first time actually being inside the restaurant. Next week, I will try Boneshaker Public House in Rocklin for the first time.


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