Week 1 - More Eating and Working from Home

After officially leaving my last job on Friday, enjoying happy hour with friends and going to the Bradley Lodge, I started my own company on Monday, MrAndrewBradley Communications. In many ways life has stayed the same, but in many ways it has drastically changed. I still wake up and go to the gym, I still stare at a computer screen everyday, but now I'm learning how to create invoices, work full-time from home (and not go crazy) and what it means to be in business for myself. I have gone to networking events, including a Cal Poly Alumni night and a BNI morning meeting, I have gone out to lunch with a few prospective clients and I even had time to do a Fresh & Easy beer tasting in preparation for St. Patrick's Day. I've gotten a lot of work done and I know there is much more learning and work to come. I am truly looking forward overcoming the uncertain and embracing my future.


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